Williams Center Gymnastics | Facilities for Gym and Dance
A short list of all facilities available for training athletes at the Williams Center
Bar Beam Pit Rope Vault Mirrors Floor Trampoline Rings


Floor Area
Our Recreational floor area consists of an oversized AAI Power Spring Floor System (45′x45′) along with a 40′ Rod Floor System. The Cheer Floor consists of a 42′x54′ Palmer Spring Floor System with carpet bonded foam.

Beam Area
Our beam areas consists of several AAI; Nissen; and Speith beams with matting and carpeted areas beneath.

Bar Area
We have several AAI Elite and Wide Set bars; AAI Star Bar system, Spieth and AAI Single Bar Rails; and mini bars with matting beneath.

Vault Area
We have an AAI Vault table with a 16 ft. in ground vaulting pit. We also have an AAI matted vaulting system with AAI runways as well as an AAI vault trainer.

Our facilities offer a 40′ tumbling trampoline with a resi pit. We also have a 7×14 solid bed trampoline with an overhead spotting rig.

Dance Area
We offer four dance studios with ample barre, mirror and floor space. Our dance floors are both spring loaded floor systems.