How do I get to the Williams Center?
The Williams Center is located on Highway 265 (Crossover Road) between Township and Old Wire Road. You can also go to our “Contact” site where a map is provided for you.

Can my child have a trial class?
If your child has never been to the Williams Center and would like to try a class, please contact our office (479)521-5373 for an appointment. She/he will be placed in a class (providing there is space) for one lesson at no obligation.

At What age can my child start?
Your child can begin Dance or Gymnastics at age 2 1/2.

What type of dance shoes should my child have?
Ballet Shoes: Pink leather
Tap for ages 3-9: Black flat heeled
Tap for ages 13 and older: Black jazz tap oxfords
Jazz: Black jazz oxfords

Can I stay and watch my child's class?
Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay for classes. However, all visitors must remain in one of our designated seating areas. Visitors are not allowed in the Dance rooms during class or inside the Gymnastics or Cheerleading areas.

What is the student-teacher ratio?
Gymnastics Classes: Our Tiny Tots (2 1/2 -3 year old ) classes have a ratio of 4:1. Our Tumble Bugs (3 1/2-5 1/2 year old ) classes have a ratio of 5:1. Our Regular Gym, Advanced and Tumbling (ages 6 and up ) classes may have a ratio of 7:1

What should my child wear to gymnastics class?
We ask that all gymnastics students wear leotards, unitards, bike shorts, work out wear, etc. Boys may wear shorts and t-shirts. Students may wear socks or go barefooted. We prefer that footed tights are NOT worn for gymnastics. We also ask that students do not wear over sized shirts, baggy shorts, cut-offs, snaps, or zippers, or jewelry of any kind. Long hair should be pulled up away from the face.

What should my child wear to dance class?
Dance students are asked to wear leotards, unitards, bike shorts, tights, etc. Male students are asked to wear shirts and shorts or sweats which are comfortable. Cover-ups are not to be worn during classes. Long hair should be pulled back. No jewelry of any kind should be worn. Pre pointe and pointe classes must wear tights.

What if my child needs to miss a class?
Make up lessons are allowed for missed classes under certain guidelines. Make up lessons should be taken within thirty days of the absence, or special arrangements made within thirty days. Make up lessons must be scheduled in advance. Make up lessons are not given for scheduled holidays or Center closings